Accelerator Team transforms businesses through technology.

By combining commercial expertise and vast software development experience, we make our clients' businesses faster, more effective, more successful and more profitable.

Oh, and one more thing, we're fast. Our Lean approach to project management means clients see tangible results really quickly. If that sounds good, you've probably found the right partner.

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In the 1990s you were at the cutting edge if your business had a website, not an outstanding website, just a website.

By the 2000s, most businesses had websites, used digital CRM systems and deployed a disparate array of applications to support their operations. Better, but not great - expensive, inflexible, difficult to modify or scale. 

Since 2010, things have progressed further. For most effective businesses, technology is a core driver of efficiency, effectiveness and, ultimately, profitability. Of course, "the cloud" has been a transformative feature.

But roll on to the 2020s and where are we? For those who really get it, technology is no longer an enabler of the business, it is the business. It's how we eliminate inefficient manual processes, it's how we communicate ideas both internally and externally, it's how we transform our customers' experiences and it's how we proactively generate new business.

At Accelerator Team, we've been at the forefront of innovation through all these periods. Our philosophy is to attract the most talented developers, UX and UI designers and challenge them to continuously push the boundaries of what's possible. Re-imagine, refine, revolutionize. 

With offices in the US, Ireland, Israel and France, Accelerator Team delivers outstanding technology solutions for a global client base.