Accelerator Team transforms businesses through technology.

By combining commercial expertise and vast software development experience, we make our clients' businesses faster, more effective, more successful and more profitable.

Oh, and one more thing, we're fast. Our Lean approach to project management means clients see tangible results really quickly. If that sounds good, you've probably found the right partner.

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Accelerator Team is a specialist software development team headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. With a global footprint of clients and employees, we deliver custom technology solutions aimed at driving productivity and growth. Our ability to rapidly deliver effective applications and solutions that
incorporate deep commercial insight has helped us to grow from startup to servicing large global clients in just a few years.

What started as a developer helping create an app for a business associate has evolved in a fast-growing firm supporting a variety of organisations. With our support spanning from creating MVPs and solutions for start-ups to cloud backend tools for multi-billion euro multinationals, Accelerator Team has created a niche helping those who need world-class solutions built quickly.

Whether it be front-end, back-end or full-stack, we work with the leading technologies and technology partners to deliver outstanding solutions, deployed in SaaS cloud, private cloud, or on-premise.

Taking an industry agnostic approach, we pull lessons learned from a broad spectrum and bring those to the unique situations that our clients find themselves in – thinking outside the box of standard industry-specific solutions.


Joseph Benguira
Founder and Lead Software Architect

Joseph leads the Accelerator Team’s technology vision and development while working directly with our clients on a daily basis. He created the firm in 2016 after identifying a real demand for innovative cloud-based software solutions for both front-end and back-end requirements. With more than 20 years of technology experience and the founding of multiple companies, he is highly regarded as a leading voice in the software development space.

Kieran Conlon

Kieran leads Accelerator Team’s management and strategic development. With particular knowledge of entrepreneurship, financial services and corporate development, he possesses more than 30 years of commercial experience ranging from building highly successful startups to PricewaterhouseCoopers. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland, a member of the Institute of Bankers and a Qualified Financial Adviser.