Time for digital transformation


During this time of quarantining and social distancing, it has become easier to spot the companies that have made serious efforts to undertake digital transformation. They make it easy for their employees to work remotely and for their customers to be able to purchase products and/or services.

Companies that haven't focused on digital transformation before now face huge pressure to so urgently in order to stay competitive or, in some cases, to stay afloat. The main issue is that they're trying to do in few weeks what usually takes months to years.

Collaborative working

Accelerating digital transformation

So what, exactly, are companies trying to do? Some are leaning on digital tools to provide their customers with a digital experience. Others are hoping these tools will help them cut costs, boost their bottom line and free up key employees to tackle higher-value work. Still orthers are using technology to transform labor-intensive processes into slick technologically-driven ones, bringing about big cost savings and much higher customer service levels.In short, no two digital transformations are the same. The absence of a one-size-fits-all path toward digital transformation may explain why some companies have been slow to undertake such initiatives.

The good news is that it's never too late for a company to perform its digital transformation, but the earlier the better especially at this critical time. At Accelerator Team we've been enabling clients' digital transformations for a long time now, so if you're looking for ideas you need look no further!