Website personalization with dynamic content

Personalization is everywhere. But, personalizing or customizing the browsing experience isn't something found that often yet. We know that when you approach your customer in a specific and customized way, the conversion prospects grow.

What are the possibilities?

Even with restrictions like GDPR, we have all the tools and data necessary these days to offer each visitor to our website a customized experience. The key to doing so is the use of dynamic content that changes according  to adapt the content to the visitors and his request.

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Here's a few of examples of how it can work in practice

1. Different offerings from the same website based on search parameters

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You want to go to Napoli so you search for a hotel with sea view. You get a result with a page focused on a hotel with an amazing view onto Napoli’s seafront.

Somebody else does a similar search, but they are more interested in Vesuvius than a sea view. With personalization, the same hotel comes up but this time it offers a room with a "volcano view" instead of a sea view, together with all the information you need about getting from the hotel to Vesuvius. 

2. Linking your CRM and your CMS for perfect user experience

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A wholesaler specializes in food and beverages and its B2B customers can buy online or in the wholesaler's physical shop. The wholesaler's CRM contains all the customers' data, what they buy, how often, etc. Using this intelligence, and by linking the customer's browsing experience with the CRM system, the wholesaler can offer tailored promotions when they log in, or send them a CTA to repeat the last order in a single click. 

3. Cross-sell and up-sell

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You are probably already well used to this kind of personalization, even if you haven't been conscious of it. Vendors like Amazon and AliExpress provide a customized home page to their customers containing promotions and highlighted products based on previous purchase and recent browsing. If you buy a laptop, they're going to offer you a mouse and maybe a very nice laptop case as well! Creating these cross-selling and up-selling offers is another good example of dynamic content utilization.

So, in summary

Personalization is an amazing way to boost your sales and improve your customer loyalty. If your website isn't already taking advantage of it, now is the timei to do so!