Tech sector employment resists Covid-19 crisis

Fortunately, the Covid-19 crisis, which is having an undoubted impact on the broad economy and not just the healthcare sector, is not stalling recruitment in all companies! The tech sector continues to hire actively as the world truly goes digital.

Telework: online meeting, data security…
Zoom, the new darling of online meetings, is hiring all kind of profiles globally, from security architects to software engineers. We also found many local operators who are providing online meeting and digital shared office. Olivia Newton John has changed her tune...instead of "let's get physical" it's more like "let's get digital"!

E-business: marketplace, click and collect…
Amazon is hiring, well just in tech but, with sales increasing all over the world, they need people to work in their warehouse and logistics services. Web-agencies are also getting much more requests for e-business websites for local shops and retailers. 

Online booking: no more phone calls…
Doctolib, the medical appointment booking platform (France and Germany), is hiring business developers and data migration partners. Online booking has moved well beyond the tourism and hospitality sectors.

5G: deployment and more digital possibilities…
5G transformation specialists are being hired in many Asian countries to manage the 5G transformation. Leaving aside the debate on 5G's merits and risks, there's no doubt that it is will do a lot for high-speed connections all over the world, which will help to drive even more commercie online.

Let's be optimistic, the current crisis is causing serious problems but it's certainly not all negative. Digitalization is on a rapid upward trajectory which is driving strong demand for skilled employees. The positive impact will be felt economy-wide.