Leads are not everything! 3 other ways to boost your business online!

"You must be online? No thanks, I don't need more customers!"

If you are a web agency, you might have received this pushback. Getting more leads and customers is the most common reason for having an online presence, but there are many other reasons to have a good website.

More organized, more efficient

Need a copy of your insurance insurance certificate? If your insurance broker doesn't have a decent online platform, you probably need to call them or, even worse, go and queue at their office. They go off and search in paper files while you watch your life pass by! Not a good experience, right, and not one that's likely to result in you recommending that broker.

Through the smart use of technology, the insurance company could make copy certs available through a secure online platform. Not alone does this make it much more efficient for you, it saves them a fortune on the manpower needed to respond to those kinds of request. The payback for this kind of digital innovation is usually very quick and often one such project leads to lots more. Before long, an old-style manual business transforms into a lean, efficient machine.

Faster response times means happier customers 

We will take the example of an insurance company. You just by a new SUV and you are impatient to drive it...but not until it's insured. Cue a series of phone calls or online enquiry forms that mean you won't be driving anywhere soon! But what if you could have that side of things all sorted while sitting in the car showroom. They already have most of your personal details, naturally they have all the car details, so in just a few clicks they can port the necessary data into an insurance quotation system and have you insured, certificate printed and on the road in minutes.
online services boost business digital example

Earn more money with less effort and focus on high value contracts

Let's stick with the same insurance example. Instead of the insurance broker spending time processing low-value transactions, they can be fully automated through the website leaving more time for the broker to focus on those high values contracts that can really reward the broker for their time. What's more, the customers are happier!

Of course, to do this requires a well-designed website: good SEO to attract customers, watertight security to givei them peace of mind and protect sensitive data, and a really optimized UX to ensure a smooth customer experience.

So, in summary

Digital solutions are not only lead generators. You can earn a lot of money by providing a great customer experience, cultivate and reward loyalty and bring about significant cost savings. Not bad for something you thought you didn't need!