Designing a work profile analysis based on collaborator feedback

Data Viz, Social Network, AI


Consultants often spend most of their time in client companies' teams rather than their own company. For their managers, getting a good understanding of the consultants' performance can, therefore, be a challenge.

TrustedIn, a high-growth consultancy firm, needed a user-friendly MVP and landing page to fill this gap. Time to market was absolutely critical; they needed a fully featured MVP in just two weeks. That’s the challenge they gave the Accelerator Team.


Trustedin's needed a platform that enables consulting companies to obtain high quality feedback from clients on their consultants' performance. Accelerator Team worked through the UX model with TrustedIn and created a user-friendly web application that TrustedIn could roll out to thousands of stakeholders.

The system enables clients to evaluate their consultants across a range of criteria. Based on the feedback, the system's AI generates a data visualization that provides a comprehesive visual analysis of each consultant's performance. The application includes a comprehensive visual dashboard and automated PDF reports. Other features included follow-up workflow emails and response monitoring.


The Trustedin MVP was delivered in two weeks and succeeded in enabling TrustedIn to recruit early adopters. Based on a positive reaction to the MVP, Trustedin is now planning the platform's evolution.

The Accelerator Team assimilated our exacting requirements incredibly quickly. Their professionalism and technical prowess was extremely impressive and they delivered everything we hoped for despite the very tight timeframe. I am absolutely delighted.

Stephane Buttigieg

CEO, TrustedIn