EdTrain - Maxsens

Innovative solution for new ways of learning with VR

VR, Unity, AI, Speech Recognition


Maxsens provides pitch & presentation training using an enhanced virtual reality experience. The company engaged Accelerator to build its Occulus and Desktop applications incorporating voice, sight and heartbeat analysis. They also needed to synthesize their technology in a fully tailored dashboard to offer extensive feedback and learning to their users. We built together a complete suite of immersive solutions to develop business skills more quickly and develop your organisation's collective intelligence


The first step was to collect all the users’ sessions information safely on the cloud. The dashboard works as an ergonomic place for coaches and users to get full reporting on the individual sessions but also on an overview in time of the overall progression: how often does the learner use the platform, are they improving with each session, what stumbling blocks are they hitting in their pitches? It was important to be able to visually present all this advanced feedback on a single easy-to-understand dashboard.


This very ambitious project required perfect coordination between the different service providers working on language analysis and VR experience. Project management involving multiple sprints, an agile and customer-centric approach and good listening were the key success factors of this project. The Accelerator team was proactive throughout the whole project lifecycle and maintained a really cohesive and supportive relationship with the client.

Edtrain is the only solution combining the best of neurosciences, AI, and VR/AR. Intelligent immersion for faster, more effective learning. Real-time scoring for immediate post-learning assessment. Constant training evolution by advancing difficulty level with user progress.

Accelerator Team has been proactive throughout the whole project lifecycle. Their engagement and support has been a critical factor in the project's success.

Lazare AKE

CEO of MaxSens Innovations, Paris