Moebius Production

Sell & deliver Moebius products globally online

E-Commerce, Online Payments, Stripe, PayPal


Sell Moebius products globally online as well as through their local store. Track order status, customer payments, discounts and stock in a one single place.


Hand in hand with the Moebius design team, we developed their online shop and shop administration panel. Payments are allowed through Stripe or Paypal and integrate 3D Secure. Every purchase triggers a notification to Moebius production team and a confirmation email to the customer. Every time the status of the order is updated from the backoffice, the customer receives an update email which gives a high level of trust and confidence in the online shop.


Moebius successfully started its digital transformation selling online goods. A training session was organized with their team to onboard them on how to understand and efficiently use their new toolkit. Thousands of online sales later, their shop delivers art all over the world. Mission accomplished!