Digital transformation for administrative procedures

HTML/CSS/JS for the frontend, Node.js/MySQL for the backend. AWS S3 with encryption at rest (AES-256) for storage.


Administrative legal procedures are a signficant challenge for both administrators/enforcers and individuals. They can be long and complex, sometimes requiring legal advice. Immediact wanted to digitalize several processes including Works permits delivery, Certifications, bailiff's report and other common administrative legal procedures. The requirements included compiling required documents, payments, multi-stage validation workflows, notifications and safe and secure storage for legal documents.


Accelerator Team worked hand in hand with ImmediActe to specify each business process. Based on specifications and a validated mockup we where able to create a working MVP in 3 weeks and a final version ready for production in 4 months. We used HTML/CSS/JS for the frontend + Node.js/MySQL for the backend.
Legal documents are stored in AWS S3 with encryption at rest (AES-256).


ImmediActe is selling this service in France and have no technical burden to maintain and scale this solution thanks to serverless infrastructure.