Building an employee benefits SaaS platform

SaaS, Stripe, API, Data


Every french company with more than 10 employees has an obligation to offer certain benefits to its employees. HappyPal decided to make compliance easier for employers by creating an online platform that would give employees access to deals, perks, special-price tickets, etc. Accelerator Team's job was to create a powerful, easy-to-use SaaS platform to realize this vision.


Accelerator Team worked hand-in-hand with HappyPal to design a winning product, combining their commercial knowledge of what employer's needed with our technical and SaaS expertise. Throughout the Lean Development process, through a series of sprints we created a convincing solution that perfectly addressed employers' and employees' needs.

The solution interconnects with a variety of different benefit and perk providers, integrates payment providers, enables employers to share news and offers with employees and much more. 


HappyPal has onboarded hundreds of employers and thousands of employees onto this successful, scalable platform and is well on the way to becoming the leader player in its market.