Good Vibes

A platform for companies to deliver video content to their employees through SMS

High Volume SMS Sending, Twilio, Kaltura


For every employer, employee satisfaction is a crucial ingredient when creating and maintaining an enthusiastic team. Recognizing this, Good Vibes delivers informative and positive content to employees through high quality videos. Each recipient gets tailored content specifically curated to suit their tastes and viewing trends. Good Vibes engaged Accelerator Team to help build a complex algorithm to determine the best content to deliver to each employee at the most convenient time, and to develop the delivery platform. 


Accelerator Team worked hand in hand with Good Vibes to optimize the content selection algorithm that would result in the best content being supplied to each employee just when they need it. We created an application that enabled customers to manually adjust the algorithmic selection to fine tune the sending queue even further. Every day thousands of SMS are sent throughout the world and across different timezones to employees with a custom message and link to the Good Vibes video player. The system relies on Twilio combined with scheduled AWS Lambda microservices to perform this high volume batch sending.


Good Vibes customers' feedback has been very positive. The solution resulted in measurably enhanced staff morale, improved wellness and better productivity. The high availability and scalability of the solution provided the foundation for Good Vibes to drive signficant customer growth.