Creating a SaaS platform to provide Cookie Consent banners

VueJs, AWS Lambda, NodeJs/MySQL, Webpack, Babel, Stripe


We were tasked to design a solution to add a cookie consent banner to any website, view metrics and customize all of them in a single location. This subscription based SaaS pricing model is defined by the number of websites a user wants to add a cookie consent on.


The SaaS platform was developed in VueJs with an AWS Lambda NodeJs/MySQL backend to provide a simple to use interface to create widgets and assign them to domains. The Javascript library to embed to the website is built with webpack and babel to enable 100% browser compatibility. It also enables notification of the website owner as to whether or not the user has given their consent.


Thousands of websites now use Eikyo to add a cookie consent banner into their website. It takes less than 5 minutes to add and customize it.