Digitalization of retail delivery and stock warehouse processes

Booking System, React Native, iOS, Android


RSLocation needed to provide their customers and potential new clients with modern, inter-connected tools. Their existing UX was outdated and conveyed a poor impression to visitors. For employees, there was no single entry point through which they could ascertain what had been ordered, what needed to be prepared, where items were to be located and who needed to be contacted. Accelerator needed to develop and implement a technology-driven solution that would make RSLocation’s operations easier, faster and more reliable as well as offering a more satisfying user experience.


A comprehensive process review and scoping exercise resulted in a full project specification incorporating key milestones and deliverables over a 4 month period. The first objective was to create a scalable cloud backend, ready to provide data to both web and mobile apps. It was also important for it to be user-friendly and easy-to-use for non-technical users so they could easily manage their products, order reservations and sales.

The second step was to create a whole new website with a specific focus on SEO using various strategies. The UI had to be pixel perfect with the mockup validated by the customer.

Then, the final step was the development of a mobile app available on both iOS and Android devices. React Native was chosen in order to provide a true native experience and reduce development cost.


Accelerator's solution delivered time and cost immediate savings for RSLocation, resulting in a strong endorsement of the website and mobile app. Outdated tools were replaced by a highly efficient and effective unified solution incorporating an array of high performance tools. The solution was implemented from start to finish within time and budget targets.

Eric Hassoun

Digital transformation manager