Digital property management powered by AI (GPT3)

AI, GPT3, Chatbot, WS Lambda microservices (Node.js), OpenAI GPT3, React, Redis.


Property management is a billion dollar industry underserved by startups. DGIT wanted to improve interactions and communication between tenants and property managers with specific hardware deployed in the buildings, mobile apps and also an AI powered assistant able to handle most tenants requests. 


Accelerator Team worked hand in hand with DGIT to implement their vision. We created a TV & mobile web app for tenants and a back-office for Property managers where they can manage several buildings and automate things. Finally we have also created "LOLA", an AI powered virtual assistant used by tenants and property managers. The system relies on AWS Lambda microservices (Node.js), OpenAI GPT3, React, Redis.


DGIT is now selling end-to-end solutions to property managers in several US states, Canada and Mexico. Thanks to serverless, the platform has nearly infinite scalability and Dgit is now thinking about addressing the European market.