Atos One

Creating scalable, full stack web applications & Real time BI

Business Intelligence, Micro-services, Service Now, Sharepoint, Power BI, ADFS, SAML 2.0


Digital transformation is a major focus for Atos. They need to deliver new products and solutions for their customers faster than ever. Regular development cycles are just not an option in many cases, they needed a much faster way of building powerful applications. Of key concern to them was: 

  • Producing scalable applications in native cloud
  • Producing faster and with better quality
  • Security, accessibility & performance reports
  • Audit logs for compliance

Different business units in Atos use different tools and solutions which makes teamwork very complex. Internally developed solutions for internal firm use are sometimes slow and expensive to deliver.  


Accelerator Team configured a powerful customized cloud backend tool that enables Atos to process data, automate processes and then pull or push the data from/to different services such as Sharepoint, Servicenow, SQL, etc. in a very short time.


Atos development teams are now able to respond much more quickly and effectively when asked to build or make changes to projects. Development timelines are radically shortened and productivity greatly enhanced.

Atos have produced more than 80 applications (web, mobile, backend workflows, BI) inside AtosOne.