Web application development SaaS

AWS S3, RDS, Lambda, Cloudfront,


In 2016, we decided to make website creation available to any user from non-tech to technical people. The goal was to create a bridge between, marketing, sales, and development team to build together excellent high-end web applications.


We built AppDrag step by step, modules per modules. We started by creating a PageBuilder where draggable components can be dropped to built fully customized web pages. However pages are built visually, the source code remains editable at any point through the code editor, embed code, or direct code edition. Then on top of that we built a blog and a shop module to deploy a fully functional websites in a minute. To promote their websites, we built a Newsletter solution to directly link our users' projects form submissions to their newsletter contact list. The Newsletter Builder is also based on a drag&drop system too and fully customizable.

Once the basis were correctly set we started to implement our long-term vision we had from the beginning : the Cloud Backend. Its purpose is to create backends (Database + Api functions) easily either with the visual tools we provide or by code. The backend solution offers a strong solution to external web and mobile applications but its best value relies in its seamless integration with AppDrag PageBuilder. We made it easy to link front pages to dynamic data source (listing and detail pages) and custom forms with actions.


More than 10 000 websites are currently hosted on AppDrag and leverage the power and performances of the cloud computing. By the way, this use case is stored on AppDrag Cloud Backend and the full website has been made with AppDrag Page Builder.